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Pansy Pendant (sand dollar)


We have eventually managed to cast a small enough pansy shell to wear as jewellery.  We have used the whole shell, so there is no hollow in the middle.  It is a solid sterling silver piece showing the well known detail on the front and the back of the pansy shell.  The pansy shell has religious significance in South Africa and different features on the front and the back of the shell have symbolic interpretations.

The delicate detail of the different facets on the front, and the raised star, are in contrast to the roughly symmetrical beauty on the back of the pansy.

The pansy pendant is a fairly large pendant, and is suited to a long or short chain. Depending on the occasion, the pansy pendant can be dressed up or down, from light summer wear to more formal occasions, and will be an interesting talking point no matter where you wear it.

Pany Shell Pendant

This is a medium to large pendant, and chains should be chosen accordingly.  On a long chain, it will swing freely, bohemian style.  As a result of the flatter back, on a short chain it will sit well against the body.  Because of the many facets on the front, it will reflect light from many different angles, always being the centre of attention


Top of Form

Product – Pansy pendant
Material – Past pansy, bail and ring are made of solid sterling silver.
Sizes – about 2.7 cm shell, and around 3.8 cm length if the bail is added.


The pansy shell is the cousin of the pumpkin shell which we also cast.  The sea urchin (pumpkin shell) lives on the rocky surface in wild areas, while its cousin the pansy shell – also called the sand dollar in America, lives in the sand in sheltered bays.  It is the icon of Plettenburg Bay, but is also found in other areas suitable for its growth.

Pansy Shells are protected by law in South Africa and may not be removed.  They are so popular that overexploitation would occur without protection.

Enjoy It 😊




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Silver Shell Jewellery offers Sterling Silver Jewellery with a conservation purpose. Not only do we strive to provide beautiful shell jewellery, but with every piece sold a portion goes to protecting our endangered species like the perlemoen against poachers.
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