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Pumpkin Pendant with stone


We have taken 3 sizes of pumpkin pendants and tube mounted (just like a ring) a cubic zirconia in the hole in the centre.  Cubic Zirconia come in a variety of colours that you can choose from.  There are also many other gemstones which have either colour significance or are your birthstone or a stone that you like.  We can order a variety of cut gemstones and precious and semi-precious stones that are round brilliant cut suitable for these pumpkins.

If in stock it will take a few days to get to you, if we don’t have your colour or type of stone, add 2 weeks for us to order and mount the stone and get it to you.

Many different stones, not just diamond imitations like cubic zirconia, are made synthetically.  Sapphires, rubies  and emeralds are often altered by heat and pressure to change the colour, so speak to us about your requirements and we will tell you what we can source at reasonable prices. if you want a genuine stone with a certificate, we can quote you on that too.

Cubic Zirconia are readily available in: White, Amethyst (purple), Black, Blue, Canary, Champagne, Coffee, Garnet (red), Golden, Lavender, Olive, Orange, Peridot (Light Green), Pink, Red, Tanzanite, Violet and Yellow.

Cubic Zirconia are intended to imitate diamonds, but they are softer, yet have a higher specific gravity.  They are ideal for pendants, because unlike rings which get bumped regularly on the hands where diamonds are more suitable, pendants seldom get bashed, so cubic zirconia have a very long lifespan.

ONCE YOU PLACED YOUR ORDER - Send us a email " " with your order number and the type of stone you would like to be added, we will then contact you and let you know if that stone is available or if any additional costs may be involved.


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