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Yoco - Why we use them? (You're only cute online???)

Yoco - Why we use them? (You're only cute online???)

What is YOCO? - A South African payments platform that we use on our website, at markets, and over e-mail and WhatsApp. The main reason that we use YOCO is that it is locally based, 3 of the 4 founders are South African, friends who came togehter before YOCO, and have got massive from their start in 2015. The business fraternity certainly believes in them, they have around 30 investors and have received funding of arounf $100 million dollars in different tranches to date.

Supporting emerging entrepeneurs

That have huge appeal to small and medium sizes businesses and have over 150 000 merchants, they claim 75% previously not used card machines. So they are allowing someone with a cellular phone, and a small handheld machine to participate in the online economy. Can only be good for SA.

Online/ Offline

We use YOCO on our website, and you can pay there by debit or credit card, or choose EFT. YOCO provides a small handheld machine which in our case, connects to your phone and you can accept card payments in person, so it's ideal for markets and trade shows, all you need is cell reception.

Payment Links

And then a very useful, and not very well understood feature:- Payment Links. I create a payment link with your name and the amount you need to pay me , I can cut and paste this link and send it to your email, or drop it into a WharsApp chat.

When you receive it, you click, choose card or EFT, and then you pay through your bank, with your own bank's security, and two factor authentication, or passwords, whatever your bank requires. Rhis isa very useful feature fot orders placed over the phone, email, or WhatsApp.

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